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Coni Linea Carbone Vegetale

Confezione Famiglia

Novità JoJo 2019

Norge Group comprises two companies: Cones and Ital Norge Norge.
The two companies will work perfectly combining tradition and innovation.
Tradition and experience proven by 90 years of activity and success for Cones Norge - whose origins date back to 1926 - during which the conduct was ensured by three generations of family Galli, still driving 's company. Ital Norge contrast, has staked everything on 'innovation, both for economic and financial structure both in the' technical-industrial field, ensuring the quantity and variety of products, with the 'constant aim to reconcile igienenelle procedures and functionality in automated production , ensuring freshness and quality craftsmanship.
These are features that have made Norway the Group's most important Italian industry in the area of cones and wafers, representing a point of reference in the field of ice cream, pastry shop.
Managed by the cones Norge distribzione for Rome and Lazio, Italy Norge care distribution in the rest of 'Italy and all' foreign, in addition to actual production and propane.
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