• Coni Norge - Coni stampati
  • Rolled cones

    Coni Norge - Coni arrotolati

  • Waffles exclusive

    Coni Norge - Cialde esclusive

  • Waffles for seals

    Coni Norge - Cialde per guarnizioni

  • Semi finished

    Coni Norge - Semilavorati

  • Packs

    Coni Norge - Confezioni Famiglia
  • Gluttony

    Coni Norge - Golosità
Gruppo Norge

Ital Norge produces over 100 types of wafer based products: over 40 types of cones (some of which are even patented), 26 varieties of wafers and 50 varieties of cannoli.
The factory in Anagni covers an area of 9,000 square meters out of the total 25,000 square meters of property, and Ital Norge, produces a wide range of family-pack products specifically packaged for home deliveries, snacks, a vast choice of wafer products for confectioneries, and is able to satisfy the most sophisticated customer requirements.
The production factory uses a series of processing machinery which are made in Italy, Austria, Germany and France. Some of these are prototypes - specifically designed for the Italian market - and they combine high technology with the maximum levels of health-sanitary safety.
The system controls 32 production lines (that each produce around 5,000 pieces per hour) and 2 lines specialized in packaging.
These are the main features which have led Ital Norge to achieve important European recognition, most significantly its certification to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Standards, that rewards the company for its commitment and marks a moment of important expansion for the individual firm and the Group.
This certification, in fact, symbolizes the clear intention of the company to guarantee high quality products whilst reducing the impact of their production activities on the environment to a minimum. This objective was proudly achieved and the hard work was rewarded with the certification of their Environmental Management System to UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 Standards.

Coni Norge handles distribution in Rome and the Lazio region, and Ital Norge handles the distribution in the rest of Italy and abroad, whilst also managing its own production activities.
Coni Norge deals in cones, wafers and cannoli, produced by Ital Norge, and the distribution of a wide range of ready-made products for the ice-cream-confectionery market, among which the semi-processed Fugar (120 ice cream flavours), frozen fruit, fruit jellies and marzipan fruits. It also distributes a vast and varied range of accessory items for this sector ranging from paper cups for drinks and ice cream, to ice cream cups, polystyrene containers, spoons, straws, spatulas, servers, and decorations which are always top quality and with new designs.
The company was established back in 1926, and three generations of the Galli family have managed the company throughout these years, and are still at the helm today.
90 years of activity and success clearly mark the tradition of this company.
Coni Norge has a substantial distribution network in the Rome and Lazio areas and uses real-time computerised invoicing systems.

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